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  • Buy MAGA Products Here!

    If you think America is Wining and want to show it, you can buy high quality MAGA products from this link right here! Right now you can buy MAGA-stickers and […]

  • How to improve your attention span!?

    The average attention span in humans is 8 seconds, that’s lower than a goldfish with an average attention span of 9 seconds. We can do better than a goldfish. The […]

  • Who do I think will win the Democratic Nomination in 2020?

    I have previously written that I think Tulsi Gabbard is the best choice for Democrats, although it looks like the Democrats just wants a candidate that is Anti-Trump, not a […]

  • The least expensive hobby!

    Many hobbies can cost you a lot, football and paintball has been some of my hobbies that have cost a lot during the years. The cheapest hobby you can get […]

  • If I had to choose a Democratic nominee, who would I choose?

    I think most of the Democratic nominees only run on an Anti-Trump agenda, it could work, but I would rather have original plans to improve the USA! The candidate I […]

  • Why Do I Make Twitter Polls?

    Many people ask me why I do Twitter polls. There are many answers to that: 1: I like to see what people on Twitter really think about President Trump and […]

  • Improve your brainpower

    Most of us want our brains to be operating at its highest capacity. My first exercise you can get to by clicking here. This trains to brain to think, thinking […]

  • How I Use This Website’s Exercises

    I have 3 exercises on this website (currently). The first of them is the Think About This-exercise, this mental exercise will improve your thinking in philosophy and in politics. You […]

  • The Most Distasteful Way To Look At The World

    Some people chose to look at the world through characteristics that are predetermined and rank them. On both sides of the political spectrum this has happened, most recently with parts […]

  • It Is Important To Listen To Others Opinions

    When you are interested in a topic (for instance politics), it is easy to come into an echo chamber, to get your information from a select amount of people will […]

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