The Most Distasteful Way To Look At The World

Some people chose to look at the world through characteristics that are predetermined and rank them. On both sides of the political spectrum this has happened, most recently with parts of the left-wing ideology, where a white man is less valued than a black woman just because they were born such.

What should matter in any case is the individual, not the group identity that person has. In the US there are Affirmative Action which are at set of programs favoring a person with a set characteristics determined by birth. In my country, Norway, all public stock companies MUST be represented with 40% women in the boards. Is equality of outcome what a society should want? Many nations seem to think so.

I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want a society with equality of opportunity. Those who have the hunger for success will then have same chance as any other person, but of course depending on many other biological factors such as intelligence and personality traits, not their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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