Improve your brainpower

Most of us want our brains to be operating at its highest capacity.

My first exercise you can get to by clicking here. This trains to brain to think, thinking is a skill and improving that skill will pay great dividends in your future!

My second exercise is available here. It’s focused around math, but it will train you so much more than just math. It’s one of the exercises Tesla did in his early age to get math intuitively and see the world as math.

If you are even considering wanting to improve your mental ability you MUST meditate every day. 1-200 minutes, the more the better. I do on average 30-40 minutes a day and this really resets your brain to think about things in a whole other way.

A technique I have also used is called image streaming, here you describe what you see in your mind’s eye. Not everyone has a mind’s eye by default, I did not. But after using image streaming I can see something in my minds eye. Doing this technique links the two brain halves and makes them complement each other.

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  1. Juju

    I 100 percent am with your intention and also a huge trump fan if there is such a thing but in all I have ever studied and or been horrified in the realisation of that which is the definition of humanity integrity good grace liberty pride scholarly educated persons or not… Ignorance is bliss and youthful exuberance should be allowed to be and feel joyful and create their path without fear of that which will befall them if they should be or curious or reject the old ways to venture into new territory.. just be aware sweet child of the better intention and intellect greater than those who claim to lead us from oppression into contracts signed in the blood of the few who strayed beyond sight of honour and will not stand for rights a.d freedoms they did not fight to achieve and blame the one for the whole.. Caution go and enjoy and don’t be shocked when all you know is fact and intellect far greater than those who have the majority in their manipulated ease at the cost of better more honourable freedom from the will of tyrants by production of facts and submission to perceive themselves the first .. Your joy and grace is your will of the free .. These people of present choose to continue in denial of that which they know is wrong and will not stop until they perceive they are out of that which would hold them accountable.. That’s not how it works .. They will be held to account but not by clever language made for or by men who would take all but responsibility for honour not theirs to give or take .. LA belle sauvage and Mary De Guise all mothers all grace and less than silly if it would hold one to account for crimes of the history causing misery and making vacant the will of all people yet to feel joy .. Or have access to read the contract that signs away all rights of all people to suffer for the sins that no child or contract unread would sign in child’s blood or educated world view still not learned the valuable lesson that is to shush or point fingers when we are no more no less than human not one perfect nor evil but all accountable since the cloud cannot be burned like the accountable records of historic figures the good the bad the mothers or the children of before integrity books or in the name of greater than man made subject all to fear and misery reflected… Projected then manifested by clever liberty labels and manipulation that should know better than to comment unless it was witness .. And even when they know truth they still know they may suffer for it strong is the will to live it will take life and deny all to survive…but will it be worth living without joy …

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