If I had to choose a Democratic nominee, who would I choose?

I think most of the Democratic nominees only run on an Anti-Trump agenda, it could work, but I would rather have original plans to improve the USA!
The candidate I would consider best is Tulsi Gabbard.

She did quite well in most of the debates and had the most searches on Google after the debates, which is a good sign.
I think she does well on the issues of Ending the war on drugs, ending pointless wars and also she is a veteran!
America does not need to waste money and lives fighting pointless wars.

On economy I have the biggest problems with all the Democrats, Tulsi wants income tax increase, but she also wants tax incentives for small businesses (so she definitely is one of the better Democrats on the economy!) Gabbard wants clean water and clean air, thats great (but banning fracking and trying to stop oil production is not)

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